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Hydroponic Grow Film

Professional horticultural sheeting for professional growers – demand the best, avoid the rest !

The excellent reflective and thermal shielding properties of FLIRmask mean that it is extremely effective when used as a hydroponic grow film. Harnessing the power of nature the reflective aluminium layer ensures that the maximum amount of light is reflected back towards the crop, and the woven inner layer of E-glass works to insulate the growing area from heat loss and from expensive thermal leakage. FLIRmask also stops heat and energy loss through the actual structures of the growing crop area, again saving energy and improving the growing conditions for the crop.
Unlike other hydroponic reflective materials FLIRmask consists of a 98% pure aluminium laminate surface, allowing it to reflect light across the full visible and invisible spectrum, greatly increasing its reflective capabilities. The custom designed surface texture mitigates the potential for hot spots and flash points, making it extremely durable and a superb reflector and diffuser of light.
Saving energy is fast becoming an important concern for all farming operations, both because of rising energy costs and because of the growing awareness of the cost to the environment of wasted energy. The detrimental ecological effects that energy consumption have on the planet have been partly addressed by the development of improved insulating materials for our homes and workplaces. FLIRmask offers agricultural business the chance to step effectively and affordably into the future of energy efficient farming – hydroponic grow film. Use of the FLIRmask film allows for grow operations to create an energy efficient, clean, ecologically and bio-friendly crop production environment, which could go some way to help save the planet one crop at a time.

Most Mylar and metallized PET films are weak, flimsy and are prone to algae and mould deposits in humid environments rendering them ineffective before and after regular cleaning. They distort and tear easily when cleaned and offer little to no thermal insulation as they are based on a class F (130degC) plastic film which will melt if exposed to a flame or hot component. They are notoriously bad for hot spots primarily due to the fact they offer no rigidity and crease,crumple and bubble easily during installation, reason for these issues is that Mylar was never developed for any form of hydroponic or agricultural application, its main industrial purpose is packaging of foods (crisp packets etc) at which it performs very well as a commercially viable solution to the packaging industry. 

FLIRmask was developed for a number of sectors one of which being agricultural/horticultural farming and because of this we have included the technology required to meet those specific industry requirements and needs without compromise. We offer honest proven data to back up our product claims and challenge our customers to challenge us as much as possible in an effort to improve ongoing the already amazing product that is FLIRmask. No other commercially viable hydroponic sheeting can match us on our comprehensive features guaranteed, we should no we’ve tested the majority of them in our laboratory. So what are you waiting for, Join the FLIRmask revolution today !

Military Applications of Hydroponic Grow Film

The British and American military have been successfully growing crops in the military field since the 1930s, using hydroponic growth methods to produce food for service personnel in some of the remotest and harshest environments. Hydroponic farming methods have allowed troops to grow food crops in arctic and desert conditions overriding weather and seasonal constraints.
The same hydroponic farming benefits could be achieved using FLIRmask grow film, but with the significant additional benefits of FLIRmask’s shielding protection properties, which would completely safeguard and avoid compromisation of the crop and hydroponic equipment. The potential benefits this would provide in terms of improved personnel, equipment and crop safety are huge, and the fact that FLIRmask is extremely thin and easy to install, weather, algae, chemical and flame resistant, make it suitable for military application in the most testing of environments.

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