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  • What Does Your Business Do?

    FLIRmask is a product of ATL Transformers in the UK, our 30 year old research, Design & manufacturing facility in the North West is a market leading innovative company primarily in the field of power transformers for the Rail, Military, Aerospace & Renewable power sectors.
    FLIRmask was born from an R&D development project for a military shielding application of which it met and exceeded its design parameters so much so that the multifunction ability of FLIRmask led to the expansion of its application scope to many other non military sectors.

  • Are you an environmentally friendly & accredited company?

    ATL Transformers is an audited and approved ISO 9001:2008 registered company with BSI (British Standards Industry) the most reputable and leading authority in the UK of Quality management & environmental systems.
    ATL has recently (2010) been audited & approved as a supplier to the rail network Achilles as a Link-up status supplier.

  • I want to keep heat within my room without losing it going into the bricks and roof of my house?

    FLIRmask is perfect for this; line your walls and ceiling with FLIRmask with the Glass laminate against the wall surface (reflective side out). Make sure to cover all of your walls and ceiling surfaces and start saving energy today.

  • Where can I purchase your products?

    FLIRmask is available in many good retail stores; due to the technical properties of FLIRmask and the professional application advice needed we carefully select our geographical distributors to make sure that you receive the very best and correct advice and guidance at the point of sale.

    Most stores offer phone support and mail order so you do not need to worry if your local store has not been selected as a FLIRmask re-seller.

    Please go to our Buy FLIRmask section to find you’re nearest approved store.

  • Is FLIRmask expensive?

    FLIRmask is NOT just reflective sheeting.
    Depending on the industry application many people have the misconception that FLIRmask is expensive, understandable when the comparisons are being made to budget reflective PTFE / PET films. FLIRmask is not a cheap reflective plastic PET film and should not be compared to inferior reflective sheeting materials on the market today.

    FLIRmask is a military grade multifunctional fabric made up of complex laminates and precious metals and is not just a reflective product. PET films are cheap to produce because they are aluminium evaporated under vacuum and deposited onto a very fine plastic film, these are typically adapted & produced for the packaging of food and other perishable products i.e. crisp packets and offer one main function only which is to reflect light and do so not very well.

    FLIRmasks highly reflective surface is merely a feature of its portfolio which covers an array of resistance properties to FIRE,WATER,ALGAE/MOULD,CHEMICALS,UV,THERMALLY & RADIATED HEAT,TEARING,FLIR.   

  • Is there any legal issues to selling or owning FLIRmask due to its Military ADF properties


    There is no legal issues with selling or owning FLIRmask in your hydroponic store guaranteed please be assured of that.

    FLIRmask is a multipurpose sheeting which was developed for a number of industrial sectors one of which being Agriculture/Horticulture of which its applicable features are clearly stated on our website. We have been advised by legal council that there is no issues with releasing a military grade product in this case FLIRmask to general sale even with its ADF properties and most of the reason behind the hype is our competitors.

    Basically speaking they are freightened by the launch of FLIRmask, and so they should be ! 

    We are aware of the companies involved and our legal team are planning to take action should they persist with their slanderous and false references to our products and to UK laws of sale in relation to it.

    To put it simply we can not dictate what the end user does with our product, no more so than the people who manufacture matches or knives. We manufacture professionally engineered products in this case FLIRmask which yes does have Military ADF properties (because we made it to have those properties for the military) in an agricultural application professionals utilize FLIRmask’s reflective,insulating,resistant, emissivity and strength properties (because we designed it to have those properties for agriculture)

    We assume that our customers sell all of there products including FLIRmask to genuine and professional horticultural gardeners of fruits, vegetables and plant crops and that their products are never sold knowingly that they will be used for any illegal or illegitimate activity.

    Ignore the frightened rants of inferior product manufacturers or to be specific their wholesalers and join the FLIRmask revolution today !



  • What is the U value of FLIRmask

    A U value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a wall, floor or roof. It can also be referred to as an ‘overall heat transfer co-efficient’ and measures how well parts of a building transfer heat. This means that the higher the U value the worse the thermal performance of the building envelope. A low U value usually indicates high levels of insulation. They are useful as it is a way of predicting the composite behaviour of an entire building element rather than relying on the properties of individual materials.

    To provide a U value of FLIRmask we would need to assume a certain building type.


    The formula for the calculation of a U value is

    U(element) = 1 / (Rso + Rsi + Ra + R1 + R2 …)


    Rsi = Thermal resistance of inside surface (Flirmask) =  (Aluminium) 237 W/m.K

    Rso = Thermal resistance of outside surface (Brick, Block, Render, etc)

    Ra = Thermal resistance of unvented air cavity.

    R1, 2, etc = Thermal resistance of other building components.


    In the case of FLIRmask, the U-Value is the inverse sum of the resistances of each building material which is used together with FLIRmask. (as above) and so unless all other data is made available normally the U value cannot be provided.


    However, assuming the U value can be calculated using material alone, we would advise FLIRmask has a U value of 0.004219 W/m.K.

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