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Heat Shielding Material

What is a heat shielding material?

Simply put, a heat shielding material like FLIRmask, will protect, insulate and deflect radiated heat from the heat source away from the protected or insulated surface.
Although there are many effective thermal insulating materials already on the market (developed for use in the building trade, such as loft insulation or Kingspan) they are without exception substantial in thickness and do not offer the flexibility, ease of installation or additional light reflective, fire retardant and infrared shielding properties that FLIRmask offers.
At a width gauge of 0.22mm FLIRmask is an easy to install, cost effective and high performing solution to heat shielding requirements.

How does FLIRmask heat shielding material work?

FLIRmask can be used as a means of protecting components, equipment, structures or buildings from radiated heat transfer.
Developed through many years of research and testing based upon an innovative and previously unproven technical theory, FLIRmask works by using an aluminium layer to deflect the radiated heat away from the protected object, whilst the insulated woven E-glass layer protects the object from damage from the deflected heat.

Why Choose FLIRmask?

Our rigorous tests have shown FLIRmask to be the most effective reflective thermal shielding material on the market. Added to this, FLIRmask is substantially thinner than even its most slim-line rival at 0.22mm, and is therefore far easier to install whilst being extremely durable (it is fire and flame retardant and has a temperature resistance of up to 500⁰C). FLIRmask is also multifunctional and once installed will also offer infrared and thermal shielding, high levels of light reflectance across the full visible and invisible spectrum and is chemical, water, algae and mould resistant and so perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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