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Reflective Sheeting

The reflective properties of FLIRmask make it one of the best reflective sheeting systems on the market, and it is suitable for use in both the agricultural and industrial sectors as a very effective hydroponic grow foil, and as a heat protecting or insulating agent.

Unlike other reflective sheets on the market, FLIRmask has a 98% pure aluminium laminate surface which dramatically increases its reflective capabilities as it’s able to reflect light across the full visible and invisible spectrum. Most commercially available reflective foils are actually inefficient PET films, not true aluminium laminates, and so offer much more limited reflectance and therefore performance.

FLIRmask’s aluminium layer has a custom designed surface texture that allows the sheeting to diffuse light energy either away from the protected area or object, or back towards the crop area when used for agricultural purposes. The texturised surface mitigates the potential for hotspots and flashpoints common in budget PET films, which limit the efficiency of the reflective sheeting and can cause warping of the material at high heats or over long periods of time.

Uses for FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting

FLIRmask makes an extremely efficient hydroponic grow film because of its outstanding reflective and heat shielding properties. The reflective 98% aluminium laminate layer means that virtually all of the light and heat energy that would otherwise be lost is reflected back towards the crop area. Furthermore, the inner woven layer insulates the crop area reducing expensive heat loss and creating optimum growing conditions.

FLIRmask’s excellent reflective and insulating properties mean that FLIRmask can also be used as a heat shield, protecting equipment, individual components, structures and even whole buildings from radiated heat transfer. In tests carried out by our R+D team a room was lined with FLIRmask and the room temperature was raised considerably. When lined with FLIRmask the outer wall temperature rose by only

20 ⁰C, the temperature rose by 40⁰C on the outer wall of the room unprotected by FLIRmask – a difference of 100%.

FLIRmask gives people working in both the agricultural and industrial fields the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle costly heat and light energy, improving their outputs, reducing their bills and significantly reducing the environmental impact of wasted and lost energy on the planet.

Commercial greenhouse flooring

Greenhouses and large commercial glass houses are designed to maximize the amount of sunlight within a given space while maintaining environmental temperatures required by plants and crops for healthy growth. FLIRmask significantly compliments the design features of these structures when used as a floor base covering, why ?

Greenhouses are designed to let in valuable sunlight so why would you not keep it there ? concrete floors will absorb the precious sunlight rays but with  FLIRmask fitted as a floor covering just imagine the additional yield benefits of bouncing those critical to plant growth Blue and Red frequencis of light all around your greenhouse and precious crops….

FLIRmask with its superiour insulating properties will help maintain a comfortably warm environment by insulating the room from the cold concrete floor mitigating the need for costly heaters during the colder months. 

FLIRmasks moisture, Algae/Mould,Chemical and fire resistant properties again offer solutions to many commercial greenhouse issues relating to nutrient, chemical and other liquid spillages not to mention protecting crops and other equipment from  faulty combustable equipment !

FLIRmask is so tough not only can you walk on it but you can drive heavy vehicals over it without any damage and with its oil resistant properties you can be assured that any personnel vehicle used within a large commercial greenhouse such as FLT’s tractors & trailers will not be damaging to your reflective/insulating FLIRmask base.

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